Understanding the Political Climate in Fort Worth, Texas

The political atmosphere in Fort Worth, Texas, is leaning towards the liberal side. Tarrant County, where Fort Worth is situated, has a majority of people who voted for Democrats in the last presidential election. Specifically, 49.3% of people voted for Democrats, 49.1% voted for Republicans, and 1.6% voted for Independents. The map below illustrates the political leanings of people in and around Fort Worth.

Areas with dark red color indicate more Republican voters, dark blue areas are mainly Democratic, and areas with lighter tones or light violet are regions where the vote is usually divided between parties. Recently, Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes presented a plan to address the rise in homicides by targeting areas with high levels of violence. The city is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and its leaders are struggling to keep up with the changes. University of Texas at Austin student Parker expressed her worry that she doesn't want Austin's transformation to happen in Fort Worth. The North Texas city recorded 118 homicides in the past year, which is lower than previous years according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker, who is the only Republican mayor of one of the five largest cities in Texas, recently criticized the current state of the Republican Party and its internal battles. Educated women are less likely to vote for conservatives and women represent 51.53% of Fort Worth's population.